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We would like to welcome you and your child to the Palm Beach County School District, and tell you about our School Food Service Program.


The computer system that we are currently using in our cafeterias provides each student with his/her own account. You may make cash or check prepayments to that account. Prepayments can be made in any amount; however it is recommended that you pay by the week or by the month. The money that you send will be placed into a cash account so that your child will be able to buy any meal or a la carte item.


Middle/High school prices are as follows ((prices are subject to change) :

Full Priced Lunch

$2.30 daily

Reduced Price Lunch

$0.40 daily


Breakfast is provided free of charge for all students, regardless of income.


Payment for meals is required when each meal is received. Please be sure that your child has sufficient money to purchase school meals each day. Online prepayments: To sign up visit:



If you write a check, please make sure your checks are payable to the school

and that you write your child’s full name on the memo portion of the check.



If you would like to complete an application for Free & Reduced Price Lunch benefits, please

  • Apply on-line at after July 10th

  • If your family receives SNAP benefits (EBT), you may not need to complete an application.  Please contact your cafeteria manager at the beginning of the school year to ensure your kindergarten child has been qualified to receive free meal benefits.

  • If your kindergarten child has a sibling already getting meal benefits, you should complete one application for your household and then contact your cafeteria manager to ensure your kindergarten child has been qualified to receive free meal benefits.


    Please submit only ONE application online per household. Notification of eligibility will be mailed to your home within ten (10) working days from the first day of school. Please send sufficient money with your child until your application has been processed and approved for meal benefits.


    To ensure your household’s 2018-2019 application is processed before the start of school, apply online at by August 1st.



    Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions, contact your school’s Food Service Manager.


    USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer